The Richlen Way

The Richlen Way

Richlen-Top-Widgets-35-yrsIt wasn’t us that coined this term. Several of our long-time clients did when they would describe either to third parties or to us what it is that differentiates our proud company from others. And after nearly forty years we do believe that there is a Richlen Way that distinguishes us. True, it perhaps can also be said that other general contractors also have their own methodologies and follow their own paths or traditions. But the things that have continued to differentiate us from others happen to be those traditions that not only govern each and every team member within our company from the receptionist to the president but additionally, they are a set of principles, a range of skills, a code of conduct and a series of best-in-class practices that just simply aren’t offered elsewhere.

When asked to articulate precisely what we mean when we talk about “The Richlen Way” each member of our team may provide slightly varying answers, but overall there would be tremendous consistency among our team members, just as there is by our roster of satisfied long term clients and new clients that come to us through the word-of-mouth of others.

To us The Richlen Way includes our unique collaborative approach to construction; it means that when we say we build our client’s vision we mean exactly that. Although we are your construction professionals it is your vision, your concept that we embrace and deliver. The Richlen Way is a decades-long reputation for trustworthiness. It is the core values that we never waver from. The Richlen Way includes our stellar on-the-job safety record, and it includes our employment of union laborers. It means that our clients have the united attention of everyone inside our building. And The Richlen Way is represented by our commitment to diversity, and it includes equal pay for each and every member of our team by department or position within the company.

USGBC-LEED_Logo-blue-red-2The Richlen Way means that we have a higher “per capita” number of LEED Certified employees that most any other general contractor. It means that our commitment to solid and forward-thinking environmental concerns is represented by our practices as a company We also love the fact that The Richlen Way includes our pride in the fact that so many of our team members are involved within their communities, and with charitable endeavors. It is also reflective of our genuine understanding of the multi-cultural nature of our region and The Richlen Way is representative of the fact that this is who WE are, too.

The Richlen Way includes the pride that our management takes in our team members and the supportive work environment that resides within our building and at each and every job site. Conversely, The Richlen Way includes the fact that each and every employee of our company knows that every member of the management team has an open door. It means that our team enjoys getting up each morning enjoying what they do for a living and respecting who they do if with and for.

Above all else The Richlen Way is an unending, unabashed wholly passionate and ceaseless loyalty to and appreciation of our owner-clients. Yes, we understand that without our clients and the trust they place in us we wouldn’t have a company but it goes beyond that at Richlen. We aren’t satisfied nor happy unless our clients are. We are vested in them. “Built to Deliver Your Vision” is NOT a tag line. It is a way of life. Nearly forty years of repeat clients and word-of-mouth referrals is proof enough that there really IS a Richlen Way, and we are very proud that there is.